About Emmy

When did I know I was going to be an actress? I always knew and it was a thought in the back of my head that I felt if I said out loud I would jinx it. I can be superstitious but it helps keep me disciplined. My first real memory of acting was putting on plays in our basement and copying off movies. I used to act out Dumb and Dumber with my friend (I was always Llyod) and loved being able to make people laugh. My mom loves to read and she instilled that upon me- she never would say no to a book. So I began reading very early, which helped me be a good student, but more importantly opened my world to stories and characters. 

I never wanted to be an actress to become famous. I wanted to be Selina Kyle and save people. I wanted to bring compelling stories to life, and I wanted to connect with other actors through our shared compassion for storytelling. The more disturbing the script is, the more likely I am to love it. The characters I play are strong, sexy, complex, elegant, and smart.


Playing Age: 16-24

Height: 5'7                                  

Weight: 105  

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: Green 

Bust: 32D

Waist: 22 in. 

Hips: 34 in. 


Shoe: 6

Where else you can find me: