Agent Provocateur at The AKA Hotel by Emmy Elliott

Ahh finally a shoot update! Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long... I think it is was worth it! This set blew up on Instagram and snapchat. You can never go wrong with Agent Provocateur. I am a bit of a lingerie connoisseur and avoid Victoria's Secret (cheap, poorly made, average) and seek out mystery, sexy, and dreamy pieces. But it doesn't matter what lingerie looks like really, it's all about how you feel. One of the only times in fashion when you are totally in control. 

I shot these photos last week at The AKA Hotel in Tribeca with the amazing T. Michael Alexander. He captured the lingerie exactly how it should be- sexy, edgy, and soft mystery. I love the tones in his photos, it's honestly hard to find a photographer this sophisticated with style that doesn't try too hard so I definitely suggest following him on Instagram for inspiration. 

Thank you always for the love and sweet comments :) 

Changing Leaves by Emmy Elliott


Furry black crop top from Urban Outfitters (same here), Zara fringe mini skirt (similar here), Adidas sneakers, Necessary Clothing choker.

The leaves are changing and I love it! No signs of me missing LA. I love the change of seasons because it gives me an excuse to hit the refresh button. Instead of complaining about things, I always want to find a solution and way to make it better. I love to give myself a concrete goal that is defined as much as possible. I'm working on commitment- more to the things that I commit to than to people. I am not a relationship kind of gal and I like to keep it that way. Failure is a habit and I consider breaking commitment a form of failure. Lately I have been in limbo and moved into a new apartment, broke up with someone, working nonstop, lots of excuses I know. So when I commit to something I want to be able to see it through. The reason I haven't been able to follow through lately is because of things like my new apartment being far from the train, for example. I ended up bailing out of a show because of how long it would take / I didn't give myself enough time. Since my goal is commitment, the steps I will need to take is basically to weed out the excuses that I make so that I can fully commit to my decisions and passions. 

Basically I'm just working on myself, per usual. I realized that a lot of people I ended up regret letting into my life, so I started focusing on myself instead. I wrote a big post on a guy that I liked, and another on one that I dated. Big whoop. I deleted the drafts and wrote about fashion instead. There's no point to focusing on things that don't matter. Starve your distractions. Focus on being positive to attract the right things, and staying close to what makes you feel alive. 

XOXO Emmy 

Back To Blogging by Emmy Elliott

Lace High Neck Bra in “Berry” ($14- on sale! Comes in other colors), Vintage Levi’s Denim from Melrose Trading in LA (similar here), Adidas Super Star

I took a long hiatus from blogging and I truly miss it. I love the raw creative inspiration that I have in my mind when I am blogging. I am a perfectionist and at times I am paralyzed by the fear of not producing perfect work and that causes me to not want to produce any new content at all. I'm learning to just start. Consistency is so important and rare, I think that is the real missing component in my life. So instead of focusing on creating the perfect blog post, I'm focusing on a consistent posting schedule and forcing myself to work within the constraints and not overthink everything. I am posting from two platforms: blogger and self hosted wordpress (.com). I actually prefer blogger. I know that the .blogspot is a turn off but I actually think that the most important component would be the content itself and how it is is received by my audience. With Wordpress I have a harder time reaching and generating a solid audience. It's just harder to share posts and I don't like Wordpress. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a computer nerd and code. I have used a lot of different platforms and I wanted to like Wordpress but I never got used to it. I randomly remembered that I had blogspot and opened it up. I posted a new post from both sites and I felt a sense of relief when posting on my blogspot. I'll continue to post from both platforms for my own experimental reasons to see which ranks better with SEO and which is better for my audience. My gut tells me Blogspot but we shall see. 


This is my favorite outfit combo: cropped top (in this case a berry beautiful bra), jeans, and Adidas! I love the burgundy color for fall and think this is a great addition to add to your bra drawer, plus it’s on sale super cheap. Be bold and wear it as a top with a moto jacket over it, or under a comfy sweater as the temperature drops. The jeans and Adidas speak for themselves…wardrobe staple! I’d style this outfit differently to dress it up by adding black boots

More outfit posts are coming. And I think I found the perfect picture taking spot in my apartment. Let me know what site you like better: or


Studio Sessions: Paperplexe by Emmy Elliott

I had a spontaneous shoot with this talented dude a few weeks ago at Jack Taylor PR photo studios in Brooklyn. The vibe was wild, raw, sexy, and playful. I love the amazing props that the studio offered. Where else can you find a leopard next to a pool table? I don't want to know the answer to that. 

I love to shoot anything that has a lot of feeling, passion, and an edge. This is different than most lingerie shoots that I see. I want it to be fun and feel fun when you look at the picture. Thanks for taking my picture.

XO Emmy 

Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 by Emmy Elliott

Working on Gotham was an eye opening experience to how much effort is put into small scenes. It was inspiring to see the entire crew's dedication to perfection come to life and be challenged to have a good attitude throughout the process. 

This was my first TV show that I worked in New York, and right after booking Gotham I hit the ground running and booked a list of shows for the rest of summer and into the fall. 

While shooting this I was upset I had to wear a wig, they were trying to make me appear older, but at the time I was annoyed that I had to look so unlike myself. I know it sounds silly and it definitely was humbling for me. I have to work on swallowing my pride sometimes! 

The pluses outweighed the stupid wig...I made a lot of friends that day, and the director kept placing me in the front so I know he at least saw some potential, or maybe he just liked the wig! 

Make sure to watch Gotham season 3 airing now on FOX. You can watch it for free on the app! 

XO Emmy 

This Month I Filmed... by Emmy Elliott

What a crazy month it has been! I have been working on a different TV Show or movie every day for the past month and keeping the pattern up for this upcoming week. This month I filmed Gotham (Fox), Quantico (ABC), One Shot (BET), The Affair (HBO), The Deuce (HBO), Everyone Knows McGee (Feature Film), and Rock That Body (Feature Film). I unfortunately can't post any pictures from behind the scenes since I sign confidentiality agreements and phones are banned on set! I'm going to a fitting for another feature film in about 30 minutes but wanted to update my blog and website. 

New hair color! Yay! 

New hair color! Yay! 

I had the past two days off for the first time in a while and I didn't know what to do with myself. I hate having free time! I got my hair done at Cutler Salon in Soho by the amazing Ryan who made my hair sexy and pretty, just how I like it! That was my treat yo self day. 

Choker season...I picked up a bunch of cute chokers at Necessary Clothing in Soho! 

Choker season...I picked up a bunch of cute chokers at Necessary Clothing in Soho! 

 I actually went on a real date, and nothing bad happened! Well would ya look at that. I am just a wee bit uptight in that I don't like to go on dates anymore because I've become an absolute spaz about my time. I wish I could clone myself like 10 times! I turned down roughly 200 offers to "grab a drink" (I don't drink...yawn) or offers to go to their summer place in The Hamptons (what would I do on the beach.. I'd just stress out about not working). I finally caved and went on a dinner date cause he's 6'5 brunette with a chiseled jawline and every girl has her moments of weakness. If something isn't directly benefiting me and my success I remove it from my calendar and mind. I'm super focused and disciplined and things that will take me away from my passions just tend to annoy me. I realize I'm so black and white about it but my mentality is life is short and I have to make sure that my day is all about bettering myself and focusing on my goals. 

Polaroids! So addicting I already need to pick up more film from Urban Outfitters, and apparently need to invest in a camera case since I'm a 5 year old that gets chocolate on everythingggg.

Polaroids! So addicting I already need to pick up more film from Urban Outfitters, and apparently need to invest in a camera case since I'm a 5 year old that gets chocolate on everythingggg.

Speaking of...I'm off to go to the fitting! I have so many photoshoot posts I have to post (like 50!) but that would require me to sit still for 45 minutes! I'll have to try to get rid of some of this energy before doing that! 

XO Emmy

Studio Session With Setor Tsikudo by Emmy Elliott

I shot this set with Tsikudo while shooting with Visual Savage. I love the orange backdrop that we shot against and how different and his unique style that came through. This is an example of a photographer that is really, genuinely talented and not just clicking the camera. I added him to the photographer directory, and he posted some of the shots on his Instagram as well. 

This shoot turned out way better than I expected, which is always a good thing. Last night I shot TFP and the photographer is only giving 6 images. I was like. *eye roll* not one of these picture hoarders. To be fair, I edit better than 99% of photographers and people like my style. Plus if you're shooting a model for free I think it's realistic for them to have the rights to the images, more than fair. There's no reason to not give the model access to the pictures, and if you're worried about janky editing, either approve it before it's posted or asked to not be tagged in it.  That's definitely something I need to make more clear and be up front about to weed out photographers! 

I also got cast on Gotham TV show today and I have a fitting for it tomorrow! 

XO Emmy 


Studio session with Visual Savage by Emmy Elliott


Location: Brooklyn, New York. 

Photographer: Brennan Savage

It was absolutely roasting out the night of this shoot. I came with my hair a mess from the humidity, and makeup melting away. I was supposed to shoot with a photographer from Instagram, he ended up canceling and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to shoot with Brennan.  The concept ended up being jungle-y, and as little clothing as possible because it was so humid!


Again, special thanks to Brennan Savage for shooting with me. You can find him in the photographer directory on my blog. 

If you want to see more from this shoot, check out the full gallery here

What I did today to get closer to my goal: Applied to more agencies, edited new headshot to send out, updated website, organize list of goals and calendar for the week. 

ICYMI: I posted this post from Werk Hauss Photos and added a bunch of galleries with BRAND NEW PHOTOS! 

Galleries of note: Denim | Black Swimsuit | Red Dress | Lingerie

Enjoy and tweet me your favorite pictures from the shoot! Also, I bought a polaroid camera today and will be doing signed give-aways soon! Stay tuned. 

XO Emmy 

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Studio session with Werk Hauss & Website Update by Emmy Elliott

Alright, welcome to my blog, Emmy's Diary. There is so much I want and need to post so it's a little bit overwhelming to go through all of the shoots I've done this past month alone! My laptop and phone are both officially full to the brim with photos. I decided to use this blog as a platform to update you all. I have been fleshing out my website with more organized content. 

I'm lucky enough to have a photographer friend with an amazing studio that offers gorgeous lighting and a clean backdrop. The theme for the shoot was natural, effortless, and drew inspiration from a lot of my favorite photographers that I follow on instagram. 

Also, it was an amazing bonus that he allowed me to have all of the photos. So many photographers don't do this and I end up with only a few pictures. As you know, I'm always tweeting and instagramming and having more choices is always better than having none. And my followers all have different shots that they love or prefer, so I like to be able to share as much as I can from a shoot with you and for myself. 

Thank you to Lilyshdesign for sending me this stunning and sexy black swim piece. I followed them on Instagram after seeing their suit and had to have one! and they have an Etsy shop as well:


A new addition to my website is the photographer directory and the gallery pages. There were over 1000 pictures shot from this shoot alone, so I organized it into a gallery for you to look through: 
Black Swimsuit | Red Dress | Denim | Lingerie

There were SO many photos to choose from. To see more go to the following galleries: 

Werk Hauss-Intimate.  

Werk Hauss- Bond Girl

Werk Hauss- Red Siren

Werk Hauss- Denim

I will post on my blog whenever I update and add new photos to any gallery, as well as tweet it. 

What I did today to get closer to my goal: I went to Central Casting agency and was accepted into their casting database. They cast for Orange Is The New Black, a ton of feature films, etc. I submitted materials to top commercial and film agencies in NYC, and lastly I updated this website.

Enjoy and tweet me your favorite pictures from the shoot! 

XO Emmy 

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