Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 / by Emmy Elliott

Working on Gotham was an eye opening experience to how much effort is put into small scenes. It was inspiring to see the entire crew's dedication to perfection come to life and be challenged to have a good attitude throughout the process. 

This was my first TV show that I worked in New York, and right after booking Gotham I hit the ground running and booked a list of shows for the rest of summer and into the fall. 

While shooting this I was upset I had to wear a wig, they were trying to make me appear older, but at the time I was annoyed that I had to look so unlike myself. I know it sounds silly and it definitely was humbling for me. I have to work on swallowing my pride sometimes! 

The pluses outweighed the stupid wig...I made a lot of friends that day, and the director kept placing me in the front so I know he at least saw some potential, or maybe he just liked the wig! 

Make sure to watch Gotham season 3 airing now on FOX. You can watch it for free on the app! 

XO Emmy