Studio session with Werk Hauss & Website Update / by Emmy Elliott

Alright, welcome to my blog, Emmy's Diary. There is so much I want and need to post so it's a little bit overwhelming to go through all of the shoots I've done this past month alone! My laptop and phone are both officially full to the brim with photos. I decided to use this blog as a platform to update you all. I have been fleshing out my website with more organized content. 

I'm lucky enough to have a photographer friend with an amazing studio that offers gorgeous lighting and a clean backdrop. The theme for the shoot was natural, effortless, and drew inspiration from a lot of my favorite photographers that I follow on instagram. 

Also, it was an amazing bonus that he allowed me to have all of the photos. So many photographers don't do this and I end up with only a few pictures. As you know, I'm always tweeting and instagramming and having more choices is always better than having none. And my followers all have different shots that they love or prefer, so I like to be able to share as much as I can from a shoot with you and for myself. 

Thank you to Lilyshdesign for sending me this stunning and sexy black swim piece. I followed them on Instagram after seeing their suit and had to have one! and they have an Etsy shop as well:


A new addition to my website is the photographer directory and the gallery pages. There were over 1000 pictures shot from this shoot alone, so I organized it into a gallery for you to look through: 
Black Swimsuit | Red Dress | Denim | Lingerie

There were SO many photos to choose from. To see more go to the following galleries: 

Werk Hauss-Intimate.  

Werk Hauss- Bond Girl

Werk Hauss- Red Siren

Werk Hauss- Denim

I will post on my blog whenever I update and add new photos to any gallery, as well as tweet it. 

What I did today to get closer to my goal: I went to Central Casting agency and was accepted into their casting database. They cast for Orange Is The New Black, a ton of feature films, etc. I submitted materials to top commercial and film agencies in NYC, and lastly I updated this website.

Enjoy and tweet me your favorite pictures from the shoot! 

XO Emmy 

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