Studio session with Visual Savage / by Emmy Elliott


Location: Brooklyn, New York. 

Photographer: Brennan Savage

It was absolutely roasting out the night of this shoot. I came with my hair a mess from the humidity, and makeup melting away. I was supposed to shoot with a photographer from Instagram, he ended up canceling and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to shoot with Brennan.  The concept ended up being jungle-y, and as little clothing as possible because it was so humid!


Again, special thanks to Brennan Savage for shooting with me. You can find him in the photographer directory on my blog. 

If you want to see more from this shoot, check out the full gallery here

What I did today to get closer to my goal: Applied to more agencies, edited new headshot to send out, updated website, organize list of goals and calendar for the week. 

ICYMI: I posted this post from Werk Hauss Photos and added a bunch of galleries with BRAND NEW PHOTOS! 

Galleries of note: Denim | Black Swimsuit | Red Dress | Lingerie

Enjoy and tweet me your favorite pictures from the shoot! Also, I bought a polaroid camera today and will be doing signed give-aways soon! Stay tuned. 

XO Emmy 

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