Studio Session With Setor Tsikudo / by Emmy Elliott

I shot this set with Tsikudo while shooting with Visual Savage. I love the orange backdrop that we shot against and how different and his unique style that came through. This is an example of a photographer that is really, genuinely talented and not just clicking the camera. I added him to the photographer directory, and he posted some of the shots on his Instagram as well. 

This shoot turned out way better than I expected, which is always a good thing. Last night I shot TFP and the photographer is only giving 6 images. I was like. *eye roll* not one of these picture hoarders. To be fair, I edit better than 99% of photographers and people like my style. Plus if you're shooting a model for free I think it's realistic for them to have the rights to the images, more than fair. There's no reason to not give the model access to the pictures, and if you're worried about janky editing, either approve it before it's posted or asked to not be tagged in it.  That's definitely something I need to make more clear and be up front about to weed out photographers! 

I also got cast on Gotham TV show today and I have a fitting for it tomorrow! 

XO Emmy