Changing Leaves by Emmy Elliott


Furry black crop top from Urban Outfitters (same here), Zara fringe mini skirt (similar here), Adidas sneakers, Necessary Clothing choker.

The leaves are changing and I love it! No signs of me missing LA. I love the change of seasons because it gives me an excuse to hit the refresh button. Instead of complaining about things, I always want to find a solution and way to make it better. I love to give myself a concrete goal that is defined as much as possible. I'm working on commitment- more to the things that I commit to than to people. I am not a relationship kind of gal and I like to keep it that way. Failure is a habit and I consider breaking commitment a form of failure. Lately I have been in limbo and moved into a new apartment, broke up with someone, working nonstop, lots of excuses I know. So when I commit to something I want to be able to see it through. The reason I haven't been able to follow through lately is because of things like my new apartment being far from the train, for example. I ended up bailing out of a show because of how long it would take / I didn't give myself enough time. Since my goal is commitment, the steps I will need to take is basically to weed out the excuses that I make so that I can fully commit to my decisions and passions. 

Basically I'm just working on myself, per usual. I realized that a lot of people I ended up regret letting into my life, so I started focusing on myself instead. I wrote a big post on a guy that I liked, and another on one that I dated. Big whoop. I deleted the drafts and wrote about fashion instead. There's no point to focusing on things that don't matter. Starve your distractions. Focus on being positive to attract the right things, and staying close to what makes you feel alive. 

XOXO Emmy 

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Lace High Neck Bra in “Berry” ($14- on sale! Comes in other colors), Vintage Levi’s Denim from Melrose Trading in LA (similar here), Adidas Super Star

I took a long hiatus from blogging and I truly miss it. I love the raw creative inspiration that I have in my mind when I am blogging. I am a perfectionist and at times I am paralyzed by the fear of not producing perfect work and that causes me to not want to produce any new content at all. I'm learning to just start. Consistency is so important and rare, I think that is the real missing component in my life. So instead of focusing on creating the perfect blog post, I'm focusing on a consistent posting schedule and forcing myself to work within the constraints and not overthink everything. I am posting from two platforms: blogger and self hosted wordpress (.com). I actually prefer blogger. I know that the .blogspot is a turn off but I actually think that the most important component would be the content itself and how it is is received by my audience. With Wordpress I have a harder time reaching and generating a solid audience. It's just harder to share posts and I don't like Wordpress. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a computer nerd and code. I have used a lot of different platforms and I wanted to like Wordpress but I never got used to it. I randomly remembered that I had blogspot and opened it up. I posted a new post from both sites and I felt a sense of relief when posting on my blogspot. I'll continue to post from both platforms for my own experimental reasons to see which ranks better with SEO and which is better for my audience. My gut tells me Blogspot but we shall see. 




This is my favorite outfit combo: cropped top (in this case a berry beautiful bra), jeans, and Adidas! I love the burgundy color for fall and think this is a great addition to add to your bra drawer, plus it’s on sale super cheap. Be bold and wear it as a top with a moto jacket over it, or under a comfy sweater as the temperature drops. The jeans and Adidas speak for themselves…wardrobe staple! I’d style this outfit differently to dress it up by adding black boots

More outfit posts are coming. And I think I found the perfect picture taking spot in my apartment. Let me know what site you like better: boysandbombshells.blogspot.com or boysandbombshells.com