Agent Provocateur at The AKA Hotel by Emmy Elliott

Ahh finally a shoot update! Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long... I think it is was worth it! This set blew up on Instagram and snapchat. You can never go wrong with Agent Provocateur. I am a bit of a lingerie connoisseur and avoid Victoria's Secret (cheap, poorly made, average) and seek out mystery, sexy, and dreamy pieces. But it doesn't matter what lingerie looks like really, it's all about how you feel. One of the only times in fashion when you are totally in control. 

I shot these photos last week at The AKA Hotel in Tribeca with the amazing T. Michael Alexander. He captured the lingerie exactly how it should be- sexy, edgy, and soft mystery. I love the tones in his photos, it's honestly hard to find a photographer this sophisticated with style that doesn't try too hard so I definitely suggest following him on Instagram for inspiration. 

Thank you always for the love and sweet comments :)