Lifetime subscription to my snapchat! The most popular and favorite option amongst my subscribers. Currently only $50 for life! The price will go back to $100 for life once I reach 1000. subscribers. 


  • One time payment! 
  • Access to my private snap for life- all conditions apply
  • Daily content posted all day, all new content. Nothing from camera roll! 
  • Take requests (Fridays are request day)
  • Premium takeovers from other models that I think you will like! (Weekends). 
  • Upgrading to Lifetime plus? Just rebuy Lifetime for an additional $50 or, donate $50. Make sure you put "upgrading" in the notes, or email me
Lifetime Plus

Lifetime subscription to my private snapchat but also includes my phone number. Get photos and videos texted to you! I also have WhatsApp if you are not in the U.S.


  • More personal, 1 on 1 interaction 
  • Save photos and videos
  • Photos and videos texted daily
  • Dropbox with pictures and videos sent to you for downloading / save space on your phone. 
Videos of the day

You don't have to be a premium member to get these videos! Just include your snap name when you purchase and I will snap you 3 short videos that I took that day! All sexy, and all totally worth it. 



Some of my followers asked if they can donate/ contribute out of appreciation. Thanks for all of the support. What an amazing community I have built! Please include your email in the donation so I can express my gratitude. :)

Any questions regarding Emmy's snap can be sent to Thank you!